Beaded Bracelet Stack: Vintage

Sale price $ 15.00 Regular price $ 24.00

We are loving our new bracelet stacks!!  These are the sparkliest, prettiest bracelets with incredibly vibrant colors.  Once you get your hands on one of these stacks, you'll want a stack from each collection.  Each stack features 5 bracelets ranging in size from 4mm to 10mm.

This stack features bracelets in pops of silver, peach, green, white, and bronze

NOTE - The first photo shows color only, and is not representative of the size of each bracelet.  Please see the second photo for bracelet sizing

You can find our general sizing chart here:  General Sizing Chart

Sizing may vary from piece to piece.  We have composed a sizing chart to give you general guidelines when we don't have exact measurements for a specific product. 

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